Mega Moolah – Where You Could Become a Millionaire!

There are a lot of reasons that people play online slot games in major casino sites such as Yukon Gold or Zodiac Casino. They’re plenty of fun, an exciting way to get the adrenalin flowing only a tiny bit quicker, and they can be a fantastic way to switch off from every day Lots of individuals also enjoy the idea that they can come away from the casino with only a little bit more money to their title; well, that is certainly Mega Moolah is among the most famous online slot machines games of all of them, and it lets you win big.

When we say big, we mean really big because it’s a jackpot of one million dollars all of the time. That is not the maximum jackpot, it is the smallest quantity it will be — and frequently the jackpot can be much higher, so playing the game can cause you to not a millionaire, but a multi-millionaire. It is little wonder then, even though it has existed for quite a few years, Mega Moolah remains a hugely popular option with players across Canada and beyond, and it may be seen in several of the best online casinos and gambling websites. It is an incremental jackpot game, meaning that the major prize keeps on going up before your eyes, and it’ll continue rising until it is won, at which point Odds are that you have heard that Mega Moolah now holds the world record for the biggest ever online payout for an incremental slot machine, well it might yet.

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Small Stakes Can Win the Big Prize

One of the things we liked best about Mega Moolah is that you don’t need to wager enormous bets to be eligible to win the enormous jackpot. In actuality, you can stake only fifty cents per spin, and have a chance of walking away with over a million bucks in your pocket. 1 man recently won five thousand dollars for precisely that bet, giving him a return of ten million-to-one. That’s a life-altering moment in his life, and he is not the only person who’s found his life changed by this legendary game.

Recent Mega Moolah Millionaires

Mega Moolah pays out big money on a regular basis, and some of the winning stories are as inspirational as they are exciting. 1 woman, who will remain nameless for obvious reasons, was enjoying Mega Moolah on her smartphone while she visited her mother; she abandoned the game’s bonus round playing while she took a bathroom break and returned to discover that she had won over three million dollars. Now that is one way to spend a penny.

won almost four million bucks playing Mega Moolah in Quatro Casino whilst using a bonus spin awarded him by the casino. It enabled him to quit his job and start his own business, while other big winners have been able to help loved ones and support their favorite charities.

How Mega Moolah Works

Mega Moolah is a five by three reel video slot machine, and it’s a fun and funky African safari theme, so it is very visually appealing. All of the online casinos that provide this game are connected so that people throughout the world are playing the same game at exactly the exact same time, and That is why it can grow quickly, in addition, to incrementally, and there is no reason why the upcoming big winner should not come from Canada.